Pambos Dancing Centre was established in 1998 as a club for latin dancing, flamenco and greek dancing, and for the time of its development it has created some of the best dancers in the country. Almost all (currently) instructors at other schools in the country came out precisely from Pambos Dancing Centre and spoke their A, B, … in the language of salsa under the guidance of Pambos Agapiu. Bulgarian traditions in the art of dance have dated long time ago. Therefore the club gained great popularity among the people. When it comes to something like this, however, is not the beginning as important as the actual sequel. Here the visible qualities Pambos as head of the club which diligently, perseverance and desire for self-development managed for a short period of time to establish the brand of the club as a reference for training in the field of dance. The club is the only one who formed five groups of students representing their school on a number of performances throughout the country. The groups Los Pambos Flamenco, Greek dancing, Salsa and Los Pambos Kids are well known to the Bulgarian audience. Currently Pambos Dancing Centre is the most famous latin school not only in Bulgaria but also outside the country where by the group Los Pambos represent Bulgaria at all major international salsa congresses.

Since 2005 Pambos Dancing Centre are  absolute champions of Bulgaria!

For the third year in a row (2006, 2007, 2008) Pambos Dancing Centre have won 3 of the most prestigious awards in the categories of salsa – racing activities, international activities, the overall development of salsa in Bulgaria.

From 2007 Pambos Dancing Centre organizes four of the largest salsa and latin events such as:

  • Latino party to celebrate Valentine – February
  • Latino Carnival in the streets of Sofia – March
  • Latino festival for the celebration of Children’s Day – June
  • Latino party in the open on the Day of Sofia – September

Pambos Dancing Centre is a key part in the organization of the third most major latin social events throughout the country and beyond:

  • National Salsa Congress
  • Balkan Salsa Congress
  • Paradise Salsa Holiday